The cost of wildlife research

One of the biggest challenges when doing wildlife research is making rent and paying your utilities.  There are no industry profits to be made by saving endangered species and the research involved is not mainstream enough to get a lot of support from the typical research facilities like governments or universities so there are very few jobs with any security or a half-decent salary. This means if you are passionate and committed to saving wildlife then you will have to make sacrifices and be innovative in fundraising.  Hence my creation of the non-profit WRG Conservation for fundraising for my research program. As someone who has made the sacrifices for a very long time and knows the cost of living for a cause I always want to try my best to make life a little easier for the next generation of individuals dedicated to wildlife conservation.  Therefore I want to give a big plug for my colleague working in the neighboring reserve – Vicky Boult.  Not only is she dedicated to the cause of wildlife conservation but she is also an incredible artist.  Her work can be found at Check it out.  If you are interested in her work than you can be assured your money is going to help support a starving conservation biologist who will help make the world a better place for animals.

VB kingfisher-2

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