Hippos to the left of me, rhinos to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you…

If you have the opportunity to take a boat cruise while in Africa I highly recommend it. The diversity of wildlife you see is amazing. All animals need water! The rhino may look a little odd because he has had his horns trimmed to protect him from poachers. Most of the crocodiles hide in the water when the boat comes by but not the big guy. He just doesn’t give a crap!


One thing that is drilled into you by the rangers you are depending on to guide you is that everything in Africa is trying to kill you.  From the tiniest spider to the biggest herbivores.  The Cape buffalo are in the latter group.  At over 800kg they are massive! They are also one of Africa’s

big five (big five trophy animals – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo). This is a group of bulls and they don’t run from you if you are on foot – they attack!  Even lions think twice about attacking one of these.  The red eyes were just a trick of the light but we got the message.